3 ways brides will appreciate going canoeing on their hen do

Posted on Mar 13, 2017

The bride has all the big responsibilities ahead of her wedding. She chooses the dress, the venue, the food and all the other finer details that will make the day a success. However, it’s up to her friends and family to throw her a hen do that she won’t forget. As well as arranging something special, why not also plan a fun activity that the bride-to-be will appreciate – like canoeing? Here are just three elements that she’ll surely love about it.

1. It’s active

The bride will want to get dressed up to the nines on her big day. But for now, she’ll likely jump at the chance to get down and dirty with her best mates. In this way, canoeing is ideal because it provides the opportunity for her not to give a hoot about how she looks as she throws herself into the activity.

2. It’s affordable

The average wedding now costs around £30,000. Therefore, you can bet that the bride-to-be will be trying to cut corners where possible – and sometimes it’s the hen do that gets the chop. Luckily canoeing is such an affordable activity that she won’t have to worry about it biting into her budget.

3. It practices precision

Don’t forget, the bride will have high hopes when it comes to her wedding day. In fact, she’ll probably expect a degree of military precision when it comes to her friends, family and bridesmaids helping her get ready for the big day. Canoeing is a team-building exercise and, therefore, the success of the activity should leave her feeling confident that everyone will pull their weight on her wedding day. What’s more, you’ll all have plenty of fun memories to look back on!

You know you want to!

Remember, you don’t have to be the bride to appreciate this activity. It’s great fun for all hen groups and will surely be a day that no one will forget.