5 reasons to try bell boating on your next corporate team day

Posted on Feb 16, 2017
There will be several different things you will want to accomplish from your corporate team day, including learning to work better as a team, improved communication, having a bit of a laugh and a feeling of pulling in the same direction. Bell Boating is the perfect activity to help you achieve all these things!

1. It is a team water sport

Each bell boat sits 10 to 12 people, the perfect size for a small team. If there are 18 to 24 of you, then we could even introduce a second boat to the mix – get ready for some competitive bell boat racing!

2. They are difficult to capsize

Bell boats are wide and very stable boats, with a twin hull ensuring that any unfortunate sinking is virtually impossible. This is ideal if you have colleagues who are scared of water, unable to swim, or just don’t want to get their hair wet. Bell boats also require zero previous experience and are fine for all fitness levels. Our experienced instructors will guide you and teach you all you need to know.

3. It requires excellent teamwork

The bell boat won’t go very far if you’re not all rowing at the same time, so fantastic communication and teamwork is absolutely essential. You can nominate a leader for each rowing session and change this throughout the day, giving everyone an opportunity to lead your group.

4. You will have a shared goal to work towards

Located in Bristol’s Floating Harbour, you can work together and paddle as fast as you can to row between two markers. Can your team beat the Bristol Bell Boat Fastest Time? Having this motivation will give your team something to work towards throughout the day.

5. We are easy to get to, in a beautiful location

We are just a short stroll away from Bristol City Centre at the Harbourside, making it super convenient for your team to get to us. And what better way to spend your team day outside in the fresh air, in the beautiful bustling Bristol Harbour? We also have a café and pub onsite by the water – great for a celebratory drink afterwards!