How treetop abseiling can prepare the groom for his wedding

Posted on Mar 24, 2017

Once upon a time the stag do was all about taking the groom to the pub for a good old fashioned drinking session. However, the world has moved on from those days – and now the man of the hour deserves something a little more extraordinary before he says ‘I do’. If you’re in charge of organising his bachelor party, you can’t go wrong with arranging a treetop abseiling session. As well as being heaps of fun, it’ll also prepare the groom for his upcoming wedding. Here are just a few ways the activity will do this.


Even the biggest of thrill-seekers will experience some nerves before the activity. Likewise, even the most loved-up grooms can succumb to some last minute jitters before they tie the knot. Abseiling will be a reminder that even things that are nerve-wracking at first can turn out to be one of the best moments of your life.

Centre of attention

OK, so the bride is usually the star of the show at weddings. That said, the groom should still receive his fair share of attention. With all eyes watching the groom abseil through the sky, this should prepare him for that moment when he gets hitched with all his nearest and dearest watching on. Similarly, thanks to the photo opportunity that abseiling presents, it should get him used to posing for pictures.


Lastly, treetop abseiling should be a firm reminder for the groom that his mates have got his back and will always support him. He could probably do with knowing this before he marries the love of his life.

Here comes the groom!

All stag groups should make a beeline for the treetop abseiling activity provided by Adventurous Activity Company. While everyone should have a great time, it’s the groom who should walk away with the biggest smile on his face.