Three reasons a groom-to-be would love canoeing on his stag do

Posted on Dec 07, 2016

A groom-to-be usually takes a hands-off approach when it comes to organising his stag do. Instead, it tends to be up to his best man and closest friends to make sure it’s a blowout that he’ll never forget. If your mate is soon to walk down the aisle, why not take him canoeing before he finally bites the bullet and says ‘I do’? The activity has proven to be very popular and can be arranged easily through the Adventurous Activity Company. Here are three reasons why the groom-to-be will simply love the idea.

It’s unique

No stag wants a run-of-the-mill celebration before finally getting hitched. Instead, they crave an activity that is unique. Even though canoeing is rising in popularity, it still ticks the box for being different and the groom-to-be will no doubt appreciate this fact.

It’s inclusive

If the groom has a say over anything, it is usually the guest list. From teenage nephews to more senior uncles, it can be quite a varied crowd once everyone has been invited. Luckily, canoeing is very inclusive and caters for people of all different ages, abilities and fitness levels. This should mean that everyone can be involved and enjoy the day.

It’s varied

A day spent canoeing isn’t just about rowing on the water. Instead, it can incorporate a selection of games, races and challenges. The canoes can hold up to three people, meaning there is also an important teamwork element. Everyone is sure to have loads of fun during the activity – not least the man who will soon be tying the knot.

Book today

There is no reason to hold off on arranging a canoeing session for your friend’s stag do. The day will include everything he could possibly want, from light-hearted competition to uncontrollable laughter. Really, what could be better?