Why raft building is great for team building

Posted on Apr 25, 2017

Team building events are a great way to bring people together outside of their everyday work environment. Team building days help people to learn new skills and develop their interoffice relationships, leading to more collaborative work environments. Communication is key during team building activities so any challenges the team have been facing can be ironed out as team members work together to solve the task at hand.

One of the most popular team building activities you can organise for your team is raft building. Below we’ve explained why raft building is such a great way to build inter-team connections and give your staff a fun and rewarding day away.

Problem solving

Raft building always starts with working out which materials would be best suited to design the raft to fulfil the task required (usually it’s transporting a certain number of people a specific distance). This problem-solving task requires your team to negotiate and listen to each other – which are skills they will be required to undertake in their day to day roles. As the negotiation concludes, decisions will need to be made about which materials to work with – this will require people to compromise and work together, ideally from the consensus.


Days away from the office should be fun, and used to encourage your employees to switch off from their daily responsibilities – using the skills and knowledge they have developed to overcome new challenges. Raft building is a really fun exercise as once the task has been completed, the team have the joy of seeing what they’ve created be used to transport members of the team from A to B. You can also enter the teams into friendly competition, racing their rafts against each other. The camaraderie that these light-hearted competitions can create will be carried back into the office, bonding people over outside of the office fun.

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