Why you should consider geocaching for your stag do

Posted on Apr 13, 2017

When the best man is arranging the stag do, the usual suspects will cross his mind: a night at the pub, an action-packed paintballing extravaganza or, for the more sophisticated group, perhaps a sit-down curry…

What we’ll bet is that most men tasked with organising their best friend’s final flirt with freedom haven’t considered geocaching.

What is geocaching?

First played in the US in 2000, geocaching is a relatively new concept. Players or teams are given handheld GPS receivers, which they then use to navigate their way towards hidden checkpoints or clues, known as ‘caches’. Caches are usually waterproof containers containing a logbook and a writing implement so that the player or team that find it can mark it as proof of their success. It’s basically a treasure hunt using technology!

Why is it ideal for stag dos?

• It’s a team game – there’s no real limit to how many people can take part; in fact, the more brains on a team, the better!
• It’s inclusive – geocaching is similar to orienteering, the only physical aspect is that teams have to walk between caches and the only skill required are the ability to navigate.
• It’s flexible – if you want to spend all day finding caches, you can, but if you’d prefer to have this as a morning activity and devote the afternoon to drinking and fancy dress, that’s possible too!

Book now!

At the Adventurous Activity Company, we can set up bespoke geocaching challenges in and around Bristol. Wherever you want to play, whether it’s in the city or in a rural area, we can accommodate. Stuck for what to do for your mate’s stag do? Wonder no longer – you’ve found a solution in geocaching.